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Hill Port Hotel Concept l High Rental Guarantee


Starting price

280.000 $

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🔽 Hillport Hotel Project:

◼ The first and only hotel in the Kayaşehir region

◼ In the closest living and active area to Istanbul Airport

◼ Above V Mall Istanbul, where local and foreign brands will be located


◼ Licensed hotel operation

◼ Hotel title deed

◼ Easy access to Istanbul Airport (only 3 stops by metro)


- Basaksehir / Istanbul

The places where Hillport Hotel is located are;

◼ Çam and Sakura City Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the world

◼ Kuzey Yakası business complex

◼ Istanbul's largest City Square

◼ Başakşehir National Garden

◼ Başakşehir National Library

✅ Features:

◼ Consisting of 10 floors in total

◼ 104 suites in total with 1+1 and 2+1 options

◼ All furniture is specially designed and produced from A to Z.

◼ Family concept with a business principle that respects family and spiritual values

◼ Luxury style hotel services

✅ Why Hillport Hotel?

◼ Located in the heart of Kayaşehir, one of the most regular and rapidly developing locations

◼ There is no other land of tourism quality around it.

◼ A hotel business that will provide high standards of service with a tourist facility license

◼ Accessibility all over the world through online hotel reservation channels

◼ Completely investment-oriented, where guests will be hosted as a hotel all year round, with the remainder of the two weeks allocated to the owner.

◼ In the closest living area to Istanbul Airport, one of the largest airports in the world

◼ It has easy access to main arteries and metro networks.

✅ Installment Options:

Installment options are available according to the plan below.

Down payment: 35%

Installment: 36 months

Delivery Date:


Property type:

Residence , Hotel

Payment Plan:

Cash + 36 Month installment

Floor Plan