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What does the Share Share Denominator mean?

The rate of land belonging to the independent section on the land where a building is located is considered as the denominator in the part that represents the main real estate that has been allocated. Here, let's take a detailed look at what the shares mean by share and denominator, which we have examined as Emlakjet.

The numerator and denominator expressions, which are frequently encountered in title deed documents and indicate the ownership rates, show that the real estate belongs to more than one person when it comes to a real estate with shares. In a more literal expression, if we approach exactly what is the share, share and denominator, the rate of land belonging to the independent section on the land where a building is located is considered as a share, and in the part that expresses the main real estate that has been allocated, it is considered as a denominator. The share calculation process in the title deed can be done easily and in the calculation process; The current value determined by the municipality of the region where the real estate is located and the size in square meters for each independent section are taken into account. Land share calculations are made in accordance with the laws and procedures, and land share shares that are not proportional can be corrected by court.

How is Land Share Calculated?

The land share calculation process is made in the form of a ratio during the establishment of the condominium and according to the procedures of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. The value in square meters of the total area specified in the deed is divided by the land share, and the number obtained as a result of the transaction is multiplied by the share value of the person, and the land share is formed with the obtained number.

What is the Current Value?

The current market value, which is of great importance in the land share calculation process, expresses the current market value of any property. Fair value; It ensures that the goods or immovable that will be bought, sold, tax paid or insured are prevented from being traded below their own value.

How is the Market Value Calculated?

If the square meters and prices of the three houses in the vicinity of the real estate are known, the square meter and prices can be added together and the total price divided by the total square meter, and then the current value can be found by multiplying by the square meter of the real estate to be calculated. The result of the said transaction; It represents the price of the real estate in square meters. This calculation process may differ from the actual price determined by the municipality. The reason for this situation is that factors such as earthquake resistance of the house, proximity to transportation networks, view, schools in its vicinity and development status are determinative while calculating the current value.

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