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Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme

Updated: Feb 20

If you purchase real estate in Turkey that is worth at least 400.000 USD ,you can apply for Turkish citizenship by investment and obtaln a Turkish Passport. Along your application,your spouse and any childeren under the age of 18 will also be granted citizenship.

Aplly For Turkish Citizenship By Investment

In june 2022,the governmet announced changes to their Turkish citizenship by investment programme,sometimes called Turkey Golden Visa.These changes mean that buyers can obtain citizenship and a passport from as a little as 400.000 USD. This has made the programme one of the most affordable and attractive citizenship initiatives around the world. Since then,thousands o investors have obtained citizenship through purchasing real estate,with SUITE REAL ESTATE helping many.

Those who are successful in their application,will have Turkish citizenship foreverand any children born after will be born as citizens.Turkey allows dual nationality,allowing you to keep multiple citizenships alongside your Turkish One.

Different ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investment

1 - Acquire real estate investment worth at least 400.000 USD. The cheapest option

2 - Make a fixed capital investment of at least 800.000 USD in Turkey.

3 - Bank deposit into a Turkish bank at least 800.000 USD or equivalent foreing currency

4 - Acquire Government bonds of at least 800,000 USD or equivalent foreing currency

5 - Create jobs for at least 50 people in Turkey as attested by th Ministry

6 - Minimum 400.000 USD into real estate investment fund or venture capital investment fund

How to obtain a Turkish Passport through buying property ?

Step 1 - Get a Tax Registration Number

Step 2 - Open a Turkish Bank Account

Step 3 - Find the property for sale

Step 4 - Buy the property in Turkey

Step 5 - Obtain the certificate of conformity

Step 6 - Apply for Turkish Residency

Step 7 - Apply for Turkish Citizenship

NOTE : Suite Real Estate's in-house lawyers are there to guide you through every step.

Facts about Turkish Citizenship by investment Program

- You will need to keep all for your investments for 3 years.

- You are free to sell your property once the required time has expired.

- The applicant,spouse of the applicant,and any children under 18 will be granted Turkish citizenship.

- You are not required to live in Turkey in order to make use of the Turkish citizenship by investment programme.

- Your citizenship will remain forever and any children born after will be citizens of Turkey.

- You can keep multiple citizenships as Turkey allows dual citizenship.

Required Documents needed for Turkish Citizenship by investment ?

- Birth Certificate - Each copy of the birth certificate needs to be stamped and authentticated OR Apostilled in accordance with the Apostille convention.

- Certificate of Residence - Proof of address needs to be provided. Bank statements or utility bills will not be accepted. Each Certificate needs to be stamped and authenticated or Apostilled in accordance with the Apostille convention.

- Martial Status - Vital record that shows all family members as the husband,wife and children, Marriage certificate , Divorce certificate. Each certificate needs to be stamped and authenticated or Apostilled.

- If the applicant is widowed,spouse's Death Certificate

- Health insurance

- 12 Biometrics photos token on white background - 4 Biometrics photos taken against a white background and sized 5x6 are required for all persons applying. 8 more Biometrics photos regular sized taken against a white background are required from the main applicant.

- Passport - A copy of your original Passport.

- Original and Notarised Turkish translation off all documents

- Power of Attorney granted

- Applicition Forms - All completed and filled in correctly.

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