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How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey for Foreigners?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Banks applying to open a bank account request certain information and documents. It is possible to create a bank account easily by completing the information and documents requested by the banks. The documents that need to be prepared for the bank account are:

- Passport

- Residence address in Turkey

- Tax number

- Mobile phone number on behalf of persons

When creating a bank account for foreigners, a passport is a mandatory document. If there is no official residence address related to the residence address requested from the individuals while creating the bank account, the notification address must first be determined. There must also be a tax number to create a bank account. The tax number can be obtained easily by applying to the tax offices with a passport.

Advantages of Bank Account Opened for Foreigners?

It is possible for people residing in Turkey or having connections with Turkey to freely use and access their money whenever they want, with the bank account they will open. With the opened bank account, it can be easily used for many transactions such as shopping, internet shopping, withdrawal and deposit. In addition, many opportunities are provided, such as using your savings with deposit interest. In addition, some banks have offered some foreign customers the opportunity to receive credit cards. Foreign citizens who want to get a credit card can get a credit card if they have a regular income.

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