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Dragos | Direct Sea View | Ready Project


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280.000 $

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Another Life

Each dream deserves a chance. Sometimes, life becomes such that even dreams are overshadowed by it. Consisting of a total of 227 apartments and creating difference by its unique location, complete social facilities and numerous privileges, Versus Dragos enables you to live your life much greater.

Each Dream Has a Unique Perspective

It's easy to dream. What's more important is to actualize it. Versus Dragos is the actualized state of dreams. Making a difference in life with its modern architecture, Versus Dragos enables you to experience your dreams as in your dreams.

The Most Colourful State of Life

Life is beautiful with each separate colour of it. Sometimes blue, sometimes white, and sometimes green... Versus Dragos makes you live your life with all its colours. As it offers the naturalness of green with its botanical garden and camellia, it also brings the peace of blue with its matchless vista of the Princes' Islands. All you need to do is to live in whatever colour you like.

Because You Are Special

Who doesn't want to live comfortably in safety?

The 24/7 security system of Versus Dragos brings safety and comfort to your life along with its parking garage that offers a parking space for each apartment. You're always safe in Versus Dragos.

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Residence , Family concept, Apartment

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