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Dream Residence l 1 Bedroom


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380.000 $

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You are in the peaceful life you dream of with Maslak Dream!

A living space of your own in Maslak, where the heart of the business world beats. If you are in Maslak Dream, you are right in the heart of Istanbul! Because to live in Maslak is to keep the pulse of the city in the city.

Safe and comfortable living spaces with high investment value in the most beautiful view of the city will do you good. Maslak Dream, a project that adds value to the value of Istanbul with the assurance of Yu Group, is a brand new living space in the heart of the city. Whether you want investment or residential flat options, Maslak Dream awaits you.

Maslak is the most vibrant center of Istanbul. Located very close to universities, shopping centers, Istanbul's easy transportation axis and health institutions, the district has all the possibilities of city life.