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Vesen Yalıları l Luxury Beach Homes


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1.768.000 $

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Land Area​1,590 m²Indoor social space​%80Landscape Design​158Apartment3,850 m²Outdoor social space1,560 m²Adventure-themed children's playground​

Istanbul's New MansionsThis precious seafront project in Mercan Bay, the paradise corner of Tuzla, brings you together with a rich world in two steps while hiding in the most secluded, clean, and healthy corner of Istanbul. Completely forget the noise and stress of the city, just feel the sound of waves, wind, and birds. blue green, and you a status point on the seafront surrounded by the unique beauty of every shade of blue and green, sea sparkles, seagulls, seagulls, sun, stars… A breathtaking view on private terraces that will gradually receive sunlight at all hours of the day. 80% of Vesen Mansions is reserved for landscaping areas. Ponds, ornamental pools, lawn areas, forest garden, silent garden, rose and flower garden, zen garden, hidden garden, cherry and lavender garden, cocoon pergolas, waterfront recreation areas, piers and bridges, amphitheater-type sports and beach viewing areas, and the beach on the coastline turn outdoor life in Vesen Mansions into a festival.

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Villa, Apartment, Family Concept

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Cash + installment plan

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