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Rose Marin Homes | Family Concept


قیمت شروع

340.000 $

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Rose Marine Garden, located on an area of 23,540 m2 in Büyükçekmece Güzelce, the face of Istanbul facing Europe, is preparing to offer a unique life with 143 residences and 27 shops in 9 blocks, all facing east.

While the unique location of the project offers a peaceful sea view whenever you look at it from your windows and balconies, starting the day full of energy will make you feel happy and fit, thanks to the oxygen-rich sea air you will breathe in.

Everything you want is right in front of you when you open your door at Rosa Marine Garden, where every square meter is designed for a practical life.

The privilege of living the peaceful life you dream of, always with the taste of a holiday, awaits you. At Rose Marine Garden, you can open the doors to a healthy and joyful life with rich social opportunities that will make your life more enjoyable.

Delivery date in 31.10.2025

● 1% TAX Excluding

● Title deed cost in half

● 40 % Download 16 months Installation

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Property type:

Apartment , Family Concept

Payment Plan:

Cash + installment

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