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851.000 $

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Blending Elegance & Glory By All Means

Maslak project stands out with its central location in Maslak, Istanbul. The project is situated directly on Büyükdere Road, in short distance to business hubs and

important points in the city. The project presents all the colors of Bosphorus accompanied by 360° panoramic views of Istanbul.

In terms of uniqueness, the project’s architecture is considered “a first in Türkiye.” The building is designed as a “composite building” with high construction


Hilton Maslak (1 min)

İTÜ Ayazağa Metro Station (1 min)

Sapphire Mall Center (3-6 mins)

Nef Stadium (4 mins)

Zorlu Shopping Mall (6-12 mins)

Borsa Istanbul (5-8 mins)

15 July Martyrs Bridge (10-18 mins) Fatih

Sultan Mehmet Bridge (8-12 mins)

The project is located within Sarıyer district and has

the closest spot to the Bosphorus on Büyükdere Street.

The line extends from Maslak to Beşiktaş.

Since the district's demand for residential

is high, the project oers a high investment

value with its unique location.

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