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Deniz Istanbul Villas l 5 Bedroom


قیمت شروع

3.850.000 $

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Deniz Istanbul is a very special place in Istanbul where the green meets the sea.

in position.

Deniz Istanbul, the natural features of its location, every detail meticulously

thoughtful architecture, realized with the understanding of contemporary urbanism.

2 years Keleşoğlu Service, which it provides for each residence after sales.

to all its residents in Yakuplu, the new attraction center of Istanbul.

It offers a slice of heaven and gives you 12 months of sea pleasure.

With 5 types of villas, it is close to the marina and has the sea as far as your eyes can see.

that brings you a life beyond your expectations.

a special concept. Architecturally, double-story columns, jambs

classical style with its facade design, stone coatings and Turkish style roof tiles.

adapts its elegance to modern life. With these features, it is one of the similar villas.

Peace and comfort in a world special to you in the Marina Houses

you can live.

You can enjoy boats from the balcony, terrace or glass of your house during the day.

You can witness the conversation with the seagulls.

At night, he can't get enough of watching the flamingos, he says, "Let's take a walk"

You get it at the marina.

The smell of the sea calls you in the summer... With the pleasure of holiday in its clean waters

You hug to the fullest while waving your strokes to the blue. the sound of winter

melody in your ears, you can enjoy a peaceful life.

The sea serves you in Marina Houses, whether you swim or row your boats.

hang, if you want, race with the wind with a jet ski.. Enjoy the sea to the fullest

you take it out.

Number of Villas 87

Land Area 64.500 m2

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