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Buyuk Yalı l Fendi Luxury Concept l 2 Bedroom


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1.570.000 $

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Offering a “new generation” living center, Büyükyalı meets your needs with its 4 different living spaces, along with Büyükyalı Boulevard, where you can meet all your needs with a superior quality andservice understanding. Büyükyalı consists of14 blocks and 1,557 independent sections in total.Büyükyalı offers a fabulous life at the entrance to the İstanbul Strait where the historic city walls open out to the Bosphorus on the Kazlıçeşme shore; “a good life” where splendor meets comfort with an enchanting view, mixing the past and present. Where historical buildings have been brought back to life with world-class renovation work and where trees hundreds of years old have been kept in place, Büyükyalı inspires with the life it promises; making possible a life enhancing dreams with its timeless architecture and meticulous design, in which every detail has been thought through. All the elements of a “good life” come together in Büyükyalı with an unmatched harmony. Offering an “all-inclusive” comfort in daily life, located at the crossroads of alltransport networks, road, sea and rail, Istanbul’s new coastal district Büyükyalı makes travel easy in every sense. The time that you would otherwise spend in traffic is spent with your loved ones, thanks to Büyükyalı’s location in the heart of the city. Beyondbeing just a view, the sea becomes a part of daily life at Büyükyalı, a way of life from sport to transport.With its historic buildings, which have been brought back to life, merging the magical atmosphere of the past with today’s comfort, Büyükyalı blends the historical fabric with the smell of the sea. It offers within walking distance the possibility of satisfying allneeds, from the chic boutiques of exclusive brands and restaurants that offer the first-rate tastes of world cuisine, from an organic market to outstanding restaurants and cafes that are meeting place for the city.Büyükyalı also does not forget to keep children happy, with creative workshops, fun parks and play areas, a rich program of activities that supports personal development, sports activities ranging from rowing to swimming and Büyükyalı Club. 


The infinity pool on the terrace takes the pleasure of swimming to a completely new level. With a view of the Marmara Sea and the historical peninsula, in every stroke the incomparable atmosphere of Istanbul mingles with the feeling of a holiday. Those who enjoy the feel of the sun with the attractive view at the poolside will discover a brand-new path towards living life the Istanbul life to the full. The pool area can be arranged in a way that enables you to host events. Büyükyalı promises unforgettable, joyous times accompanied by an amazing view for both guests and residents. The lounge area, located opposite the unique Bosphorus view, brings to life the pleasure of the view with incomparable luxury and comfort. The fitness center within the social area makes sport-filled hours a pleasure. Endowed with high-technology equipment, the fitness center makes the time you dedicate to sport indispensable.

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Loft, Apartment, Residence, Shop, Family Concept, Office

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