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Prive Kemer l Green Architecture Luxury Concept


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1.080.000 $

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Luxury in nature,

Privé Kemer.

“What is one of the greatest luxuries to have today?”

If they ask; Probably the most popular answer is

“In the middle of a lush green forest, in clean air,

It would be “living with all kinds of comforts”.

Privé Kemer is designed to offer you this luxury.

Right in the middle of the city, to Kemer Country Club

A peaceful and comfortable life within walking distance

It is now possible to drive. Together with your distinguished neighbors,

All open space where cars do not travel

It is up to you to live in a site where it is included in the landscape.

Luxury in nature,

trees from your home

is higher

is to live somewhere.

Standing out with its modern and timeless architectural features, Privé Kemer, consisting of simplex apartments built on 48 thousand m2, offers the high standards you are looking for with its high ceilings, large terraces and all other privileges.

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Property type:

Family Concept , Apartment

Payment Plan:

Cash + installment

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