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Marina 24 l 2 Bedroom Sea View


Precio inicial

410.000 $

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A Modern Seaside Neighborhood Away From The Chaos of Istanbul

You too can avoid the chaos of Istanbul.

If you are bored, intertwined with the sea, the beach

where you can enjoy your life;

with its social facilities and activities

You will have a 12-month holiday, but a trip to the city

If you want a house within steps

One of the most beautiful coastal settlements of Istanbul

To Mimaroba and its most prestigious project

We are waiting for you at Marina 24.

What Awaits You at Marina 24

1. Mimaroba Cultural Center

2. Thematic Children's Playgrounds

3. Grass Terrace & Pergolas

4. Tennis Court & Mini Football

5. Volleyball, Basketball Courts

6. Zen Garden

7. Entertainment and Wellness Area

8. Sand Activity Area

9. Children's Pool with Slides

10. Infinity Pool

11. Pool Bar

12. Babalu Children's Activity Center

13. Itirli Terrace

14. Thematic Children's Playgrounds

15. Marina 24 Gourmet Center & Bazaar

16. Terrace with Fireplace

17. Water Show Area

18. Mini Gym & Fitness, Sundeck

19. The Pool of Tranquility

20. Botanical Garden

21. Children's Playground

22. Amphitheater

23. Outdoor Chess

24. Pet Park

25. Acrobatic Skateboarding & Skating Rink

26. Observation Pergolas

27. Pier

28. Stairs Down to the Water

29. Performance Square

30. 13 Km Cycling & Running Track


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Residence, Apartment, Family Concept

Payment Plan:

Cash + installment plan

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