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Deniz Mercan Homes l 3 Bedroom


Precio inicial

575.000 $

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Coral Mansions

We received the praise of those who preferred the mansion concept, which we started in Ataköy years ago, for their quality of life and return on investment. Today, you will invest in yourself and your future with the flat lifestyle that we have redefined in the horizontal layout model of DENİZ İSTANBUL.

In Mercan Konakları, we are redefining low-rise apartments designed with the concept of family-style mansion with sea view.

A family-style life varying from 1+1 to 4+1 awaits you in the low-rise Mercan Mansions with 2 flats on each floor...

In the mansion culture, where luxury, comfort and functionality are crowned with a magnificent entrance, privileged life

you will be a part of...

The visual richness you will experience on the balconies overlooking the unique sea view in Mercan Mansions will add to your life.

will add a different color

A detached garden within the mansion with "Terrace Garden and Balcony Garden" alternatives at Mercan Mansions

You will experience the privilege...

With Mercan Mansions, you will enjoy the sunshine to the fullest, and you will feel the nature at every point of your home with its windows and balconies that extend to the ground.

Number of Blocks 78

Land Area 122.000 m²

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Property type:

Apartment, Family Concept

Payment Plan:

Cash + installment plan

Floor Plan