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Özak Doa Göktürk l Green Architecture 3 Bedroom


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1.467.000 $

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In the middle of the city, next to the forest

The location with the oxygen-rich and cleanest air in Istanbul

A breathing living space next to large forest areas

A place where your children will grow up in nature, in peace and happiness

A privileged life within walking distance of all the city's amenities

Happiness and peace

indescribable nature!

As the wind touches the leaves of the trees under whose shade you sit, forget about everything for a moment and just enjoy this moment. Have a pleasant time with your family, friends and loved ones in the barbecue and picnic area. Feel the magnificence of nature right up to the top floors, with trees reaching towards the sky right next to the forest.

Özak Doa Göktürk offers you a sports experience with plenty of oxygen. You can either run or pedal in the clean forest air. Özak Doa Göktürk also allows you to enjoy various sports activities in the gym.

Have a pleasant time with your loved ones and share happiness with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Intimate conversations with your friends are waiting for you in the atmosphere-changing lounge area.

While your children have fun in the play rooms prepared for them, you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind. At the same time, you can keep an eye on your children through glass walls and even share in their joy directly.

By knowing nature,

lovingly, feeling

growing children…

Özak Doa Göktürk has one of the most ideal living spaces in Istanbul, with its calm, peaceful and safe texture, where your children will grow up with their feet touching the ground, in the unique structure offered by the forest with all its generosity...

Istanbul's highest quality schools are right next to you so that your children can receive a good education... From horse riding to music, from golf to ballet, from theater to swimming; Numerous activities that support the physical and psychological development of children are right next to Özak Doa Göktürk...

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Apartment , Family concept

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