Storm brings mesmerizing turquoise color to Bosporus in Istanbul

The waters of the Bosporus turned a unique turquoise color after the strong wind and rain storm Tuesday, although most Istanbulites weren't able to enjoy this beautiful scenery due to coronavirus curfews.

Speaking on the possible reasons for the color change, professor Hüseyin Toros of Istanbul Technical University told Demirören News Agency (DHA) that the northeastern wind is the prominent reason behind the transformation.

“Unicellular organisms that have been dragged into the Bosporus by the northeastern wind create the turquoise color on the water’s surface with refraction. Air motions in the atmosphere, movements inside water, different microorganisms and alteration in sunlight during the day can also cause a change in the water’s color,” he said.

Toros added that the water will return to its normal color in a couple of days.